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Residential Properties for Sale

The purchase of real estate properties has been a very common investment strategy especially when the property market shows signs of potential appreciation in real estate value. According to the economic trends of the market, nationwide or in a specific region, real estate investment is relatively a safe and stable investment strategy compared to other financial investment methods.

What are residential properties?

One of the main categories of real estate, residential properties are buildings designed with the purpose of people living in them. The most common types of residential properties are houses, apartments, holiday homes, and villas. Buying properties can therefore be an investment to the individual and to their family if they are looking for a residence or if the individual is planning to later re-sell the property to gain profit.


Why buy residential properties in Cyprus?

Living in Cyprus is a dream for many individuals and families who enjoy the island life. With amazing beaches and beautiful scenery in the mountains, only an hour distance from any location, buying property in Cyprus is a very attractive opportunity for many families and investors. Residential properties are offered in all areas and price range that satisfies any persons living and lifestyle needs whether they prefer to be by the sea, close to the mountains, in the city or outside in the countryside. The options are limitless and with a great collection of houses and apartments at Kazo Real Estate, we can make your dreams come true.

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