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Residential properties constitute a primary sector within real estate, encompassing structures specifically intended for human habitation. Typical examples include houses, apartments, vacation homes, and villas.

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Commercial properties serve dual purposes: facilitating business activities and serving as lucrative investment opportunities. In both scenarios, they present advantageous financial prospects within the realm of real estate.

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Investing in a plot parcel holds the promise of substantial returns, making it an attractive proposition for potential buyers.

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Land parcels boast a steady and solid long-term appreciation in value compared to other property types.

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What are commercial Properties?

Office buildings, warehouses, retail shops are all part of the category of commercial properties. These types of real estate properties are often used for some form of business activity with the purpose of them being working spaces instead of living areas. Commercial properties can be categorized further which will influence its cost for purchase. The main cost factors that could influence the price of commercial properties are the age and condition of the commercial property, the design of the space, the quality of infrastructure and the location of the property. Businesses often own or buy their office and building spaces as it gives them full control of the commercial property to restructure and fit the business needs.

At Kazo Real Estate, we have compiled an extensive selection of commercial properties for sale to satisfy the needs of your businesses at prime locations and great prices. We focus only on the best quality of commercial building spaces for our business clients by offering only what is the best currently on the real estate market.

Benefits of buying commercial properties

Business benefits of commercial properties

Commercial Properties can be purchased for business related activities or as an investment. Both cases offer financial benefits for this type of real estate. Depending on the size of the property, the owner may decide that the whole building is not needed for their business and can therefore decide to rent certain parts of it, such as office spaces to other companies, as another form of income. Another business benefit of buying a commercial space, is the freedom of the alteration and modernization. The building, warehouse or office that is bought can be set up and designed in specific ways to suit the owners and the business’s needs.

Investment benefits of commercial properties

Investing by purchasing commercial real estate property offers less risk towards business owners. If the owner decides that the company should be sold means that he gets to keep the property that was bought even though the individual will not be the owner anymore. Furthermore, when purchasing the property with a mortgage, fixing the monthly mortgage payment will keep the costs down by protecting your company from potential rising rent or lease rates which a landlord could have increased on the property.