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Residential properties constitute a primary sector within real estate, encompassing structures specifically intended for human habitation. Typical examples include houses, apartments, vacation homes, and villas.

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Commercial properties serve dual purposes: facilitating business activities and serving as lucrative investment opportunities. In both scenarios, they present advantageous financial prospects within the realm of real estate.

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Investing in a plot parcel holds the promise of substantial returns, making it an attractive proposition for potential buyers.

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Land parcels boast a steady and solid long-term appreciation in value compared to other property types.

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Why rent commercial properties at Kazo real estates?

Are you looking into starting up a new business, need corporate headquarters, virtual offices, planning to move your business to a new location or just looking to expand your businesses working space? Commercial properties for rent is the ideal starting point of your search. At Kazo Real Estates we make sure to provide and deliver high quality results for any client interested in renting any kind of commercial real estate property. Whether you are looking for offices, whole office buildings, warehouses, or retail shops, we have all the options for you to choose from.

We have taken into consideration all the factors that influence our customers renting decisions and requirements for commercial properties in order to compile an extensive list for you to choose from. Our list compromises of different factors to match specific needs and details that you will want the property to have because at Kazo Real Estates satisfying our customers’ needs comes first. We have a selection of different types of commercial properties, from retail to industrial, properties based on size depending on how much space is needed, a range of different on-site facilities and the impression and image your commercial property should show.

Benefits of renting commercial properties

Business benefits of commercial properties

The main difference between a purchase and a rental agreement of the commercial property is that when purchasing the property, you are entitled to it once the full cost has been covered, and for renting is that a leasing agreement must take place which is a contract between the landlord and the tenant. However, this kind of agreement does offer a few benefits. Since the property is not own by the tenant, a specific date could be added to the agreement where the tenant must renew the agreement to continue the leasing of the property. This gives flexibility of relocation once the contract time expires.

Investment benefits of commercial properties

From a financial aspect, the leasing of certain premises such as an office has much lower upfront costs than purchasing the office. This allows for more available cash for the commercial property tenant to redistribute money into other business functions which is greatly beneficial for start-ups. Maintenance responsibilities are also managed by the property owner rather than the tenant which offers further potential cost savings however, this depends on the terms of the rental lease. Some internal maintenance costs might have to be paid by the tenant but any external damage to the property are the owners responsibility.