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Residential properties constitute a primary sector within real estate, encompassing structures specifically intended for human habitation. Typical examples include houses, apartments, vacation homes, and villas.

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Commercial properties serve dual purposes: facilitating business activities and serving as lucrative investment opportunities. In both scenarios, they present advantageous financial prospects within the realm of real estate.

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Investing in a plot parcel holds the promise of substantial returns, making it an attractive proposition for potential buyers.

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Land parcels boast a steady and solid long-term appreciation in value compared to other property types.

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Why Buy Plot in Cyprus?

Plot is classified as one of the main categories of real estate and it is traditional considered as a medium - long term investment. A Plot parcel cannot be used straight away for living in or for any other business activity, in comparison to residential and commercial properties which are ready for use and operation. However, purchasing a plot gives the purchaser multiple options on how to use the area afterwards. The plot could be bought as an investment opportunity which can then be resold after the property has appreciated in value. A plot parcel could be developed into a residential property such as a house, apartment or a villa, or could be built into a commercial property such as an office building, a factory or business center, always dependent on the size of the plot and its building zone. At Kazo Real Estate, we have enlisted a portfolio of the most attractive plots for sale in great locations all over Limassol to satisfy our clients’ needs, whether is real estate investment or looking for a great location to build your ideal home or business building.

Benefits of buying Plot in Limassol

Cost benefits in buying plot

Once a plot parcel is bought, minimum costs have to be incurred due to the plot parcel is being undeveloped. Therefore, purchasing the plot consists of relatively low maintenance costs in comparison to other types of real estate properties. Another important factor to consider is that the city population is growing but plot availabilities in Limassol are diminishing, so therefore the price per square meter is increasing due to the rise in demand for it. Another benefit in purchasing plots is that it offers a zero depreciation as an investment and in addition to that, owners has no concerns of any potential damage or theft to the property, proving to be a worthwhile long term investment choice.

Investments benefits in buying plot

Buying a plot parcel can offer a high return on investment. Similarly, to commercial and residential property investments, plots can generate high income return depending on the purchasing and selling method used. The value of a plot also depends on a few variables such as the location and view of the plot, its building zone and buildable area. Therefore, a plot parcel from an investment point of view can be purchased at a relatively lower price and can be resold at a higher price on the long term. Plot has less competition in contrast to residential and commercial real estates which makes it easier to locate and identify better plot opportunities for investment.