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Residential properties constitute a primary sector within real estate, encompassing structures specifically intended for human habitation. Typical examples include houses, apartments, vacation homes, and villas.

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Commercial properties serve dual purposes: facilitating business activities and serving as lucrative investment opportunities. In both scenarios, they present advantageous financial prospects within the realm of real estate.

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Investing in a plot parcel holds the promise of substantial returns, making it an attractive proposition for potential buyers.

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Land parcels boast a steady and solid long-term appreciation in value compared to other property types.

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What is real estate

The term real estate is a description of real or physical property. The four property categories, which include residential and commercial properties, land, and plot, comprise of real estate. Any kind of property which fits within these categories and consists of anything related to land and any improvements attached to it is considered real estate. It is different than personal property which consists of assets and property which is not attached to land such as vehicles and boats. Individuals can invest in real estate by directly purchasing land or another form of property or indirectly through real estate investment trust (REIT).

Real estate Investment

Buying and owning real estate is among the safest financial investment strategies. Real estate investment is generally safe and relatively low risk considering that a person is aware of the real estate and property market that they are planning to invest in.

An individual can invest in real estate in a few different ways. By studying the market and identifying value appreciating property, they can purchase a real estate property from anywhere between 5 to 25% upfront cost of the total and paying off the remaining balance plus interest. This allows the buyer to buy property or land at a much cheaper price of the original. By the time the buyer has paid off the total balance the property would have increased in value and they can either resell for a profit or own a fixed asset at a higher value of the original purchase.

Industrial properties consist of warehouses, garages, distribution centers and offices. These are properties used by companies to assist them in their day to day business activities.

Real estate flippers can also be an effective way of real estate investing. Purchasing a relatively cheap plot of land or property and fixing it up, therefore raising its value, and then reselling it for a higher price and making a profit.

Real estate Listings

Real estate listings are categorised in four groups of residential properties, commercial properties, industrial properties, and land.

Residential real estate properties consist of houses, apartments and villas intended for people to live in. These properties are what families and individuals would be interested to buy or rent to live in permanently, for a holiday destination or to buy and rent out.

Commercial real estate properties are most often estates were income is received or a financial transaction takes place such as office buildings, malls, retail stores and hotels. These are mostly purchased or rented out by business owners or people wanting to start their own business.

Industrial properties consist of warehouses, garages, distribution centres and offices. These are properties used by companies to assist them in their day to day business activities.

Land is the final category and these usually cover empty areas were nothing has been built in yet. These can be relatively cheaper than buying property as it gives the buyer more choice in what to build in the area of land. Land is also bought as an investment strategy and then later sold on if the area appreciates in value.