Property Management

What is property management?

The operation of overseeing and handling the day to day activities surrounding a piece of real estate is what is most commonly used to define property management. This operation suggests the need for the management of property for different real estate owners in regard to monitoring and maintaining the property.

With the growing real estate market in Cyprus and more specifically with Limassol being the leader of the property market, it is important to identify the investment opportunities for this market. Therefore, being able to offer property management services to real estate investors in this area is of high importance. Also, it is evident that a rental property, no matter the size, requires serious time commitment. This is where property management companies are the ideal solution to any person with possession of rental properties with not enough resources to manage and maintain it.

Why property management is important!

With the observable increase in real estate investment and property management companies in Cyprus there must be a clear reason for why these services are important to anyone owning a piece of property. Some of these reasons are key in being ahead of other property competitors and to maintain a positive reputation with tenants.

The services involve rent collection, return on investment (ROI), safety for tenant and property owner and maintaining healthy relationships between property investor and tenant.

Why choose property management with Kazo

At Kazo real estate we offer the best services for your properties in Limassol with the most competitive property management fees on the market. Some of the services we offer cover a range of responsibilities such as arranging financial payments for your property, ensuring your property is safe, in good condition and remains high in value.

  • Visiting the property and advising on potential rents
  • Market and promote the property to a broad audience
  • Arrange appointments and accompanied viewings
  • Receipt of rent and chase late payments
  • Provide a legally approved tenancy agreement
  • Payment of property bills and taxes
  • Negotiate tenancy renewals on the best possible terms
  • Manage the transfer of utility bills to the tenant
  • Handling maintenance issues using approved contractors
  • Inspection and manage tenancy issues or disputes
  • Inventory list creation and photography of all items
  • Monitor property’s functionality upon delivery to the tenant


“I just wanted to say a big thank you to Vyron and his team for the priceless help and support you gave me in setting up and managing my three studios. You have made it an easy and un-stressful process. You have gone above and beyond your terms of business on many occasions and I cannot thank you enough for your constant efficiency.”

Andy Eleftheriou, London, UK
Andy Eleftheriou, London, UK

“Polina and Vyron have always provided the highest quality and consistency in their property management service for my eight properties I have in Limassol. Their superb professionalism, immediate response, and feedback have offered me peace of mind status, taking care of all the issues and responsibilities of my properties.”

Dr. Costas Christoforou, Montpellier, France
Dr. Costas Christoforou, Montpellier, France

“Kazo Real Estates stands out for its innovative Client Business Model, integrity, and capability of going beyond expectations. Convinced by the expertise, reliability, and excellent individual client service provided by Kazo Real Estates, I felt comfortable to entrust them with the management of my real estate property in Cyprus, and this for a mid to long-term period. I greatly appreciate how the company’s team listens carefully to every request and takes subsequently great care in fulfilling it by collaborating closely with an excellent network of reliable selective partners, contractors, and service suppliers.”

Annie Marie Ridout, Neuchatel, Switzerland
Annie Marie Ridout, Neuchatel, Switzerland

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