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In real estate, property can be identified as an area of land with or without anything attached to it which belongs to someone. This area of land or building is legally entitled to a person or business. The four categories of real estate consisting of residential, commercial, land and plot are all types of properties. This is done to distinguish between the types of properties and what they are used for. Land and plot are property areas with no development, or anything attached to them. This could consist of a field or an empty space of Land. A residential property is connected to individual and family living spaces, whether this is a house, an apartment, or a villa. Commercial properties on the other hand consist of offices, factories, warehouses, and retail shops. Any properties were business takes place.


Portfolio of Apartments, Penthouses and Houses for sale in the beautiful city of Limassol


Opportunities of Offices, Showrooms, Warehouses, Shops, and Buildings


Selection of Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Mixed Used Development Plots


Choices of Agricultural, Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Land

Property Investment

Investing in real estate is one of the safest ways of financial investment by asset purchasing. Financial growth through real estate comes from rental income, appreciation of property value and profits earned through business activities. The advantages of this method of financial investment includes passive income, tax benefits and a stable cash flow.

Kazo real estates offers the best properties for value within all property categories to satisfy our customers needs. Our extensive list of properties in Limassol are a great opportunity for those individuals who are willing to buy and invest in real estate. We have combined our market experience and our team’s expertise to identify and portray high value properties for sale.


KAZO Properties Portfolio

We structure and deliver our services on the essential real estate needs of our clients. We based our archetype culture on effectual team-work and promise to navigate and consult our customers to move wisely and resourcefully into the Cypriot property market. We lay great significance on a respectful collaboration and efficient communication with our customers’ that enable us to understand and acknowledge their requirements and develop long-term relationships.

Our operational activities include Rentals, Sales and Property Management. We base our formula of success on the unification of the unique experience in all the legal and consulting matters in property investment.

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